Welcome to 256k Labs! I’m Fayek Helmi. I’m a Front-End web developer who also loves to dabble in DIY electronics and music.

I like to use Jade, Sass and javascript to build websites and web apps.

I also like checking out github repos and throw in the odd fix here or there.

Atom is my text editor of choice. I love it.



Codepen is a great place to experiment and save little code snippets. You can check mine out here.

Most of my projects will be hosted on Github. you can check out my repos here.

Finished websites that I have built completely or worked on as part of a team. Get the list Here.


Get in touch for any:

  • Web Development work
  • Arduino Projects
  • DIY electronics projects
  • Music production and performance
  • General questions about technology and life

at: fayek.helmi@gmail.com